Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sexy Boots and Such.

Education time! If you don't know what Jean Gaborit is you are a failure as a fetishist. If you're a sub that makes it even worse! Jean Gaborit makes some of the highest quality boots in the world and they are also kinky as sin. Their leathers are drool worthy and their designs will draw stares from even the most jaded of fabulous fetish parties. They are of course very expensive but they will last forever and make you feel like a million dollars when they slide on to your feet and you glide around the world with them on. I just recently discovered that they now make THESE!!!!!'C0002'&POINTURE=00 Aren't they lovely?

This is the "Karine"... and my favorite boot on the site. I'm a size US 8 by the way ;)

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