Saturday, August 13, 2011

The ABC's of CBT

On August 20th, I'll be teaching a class on CBT at DOI Los Angeles for curious couples, dommes, subs, and enthusiasts. 
I'll be covering anatomy (all the sweet spots!), safety, physical and psychological allure, bondage and techniques (electrical, corporal, manual, chastity, stretching, pressing, binding, etc...), and focusing a section on techniques that can be practiced in the home with common items. 

Oh the things you can do with some bootlaces, fingernails, exfoliating scrubs, some hair-ties, a cigarette (with or without burning!) and a few chopsticks!

When properly performed CBT can be an all consuming experience for the victim. A boy can be made to experience levels of pain and pleasure that swirl together and erase all ability to know any difference between the two. It's a sweet, sweet ride. Come and learn how it's done.

xoxo, Cybill Troy 

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