Friday, August 26, 2011

LA Trip Extended to Wed. Aug 31st.

Due to NYC being underwater, my return flight has been cancelled and I'll be in LA until Wednesday the 31st.
Luckily for the procrastinators, this means that more sessions will be available.

I'll also be out f clean underwear by then.
All panties delivered should be size 4, black.

Cybill requires a delivery of clean underpants while stranded in Los Angeles.

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Favorie GIF of Squirmy Troy

Aw! Look how cute!

This is from the Vicious Femdom weekend where he came blood. <3

Spinal Tap Needles = LOVE

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The ABC's of CBT

On August 20th, I'll be teaching a class on CBT at DOI Los Angeles for curious couples, dommes, subs, and enthusiasts. 
I'll be covering anatomy (all the sweet spots!), safety, physical and psychological allure, bondage and techniques (electrical, corporal, manual, chastity, stretching, pressing, binding, etc...), and focusing a section on techniques that can be practiced in the home with common items. 

Oh the things you can do with some bootlaces, fingernails, exfoliating scrubs, some hair-ties, a cigarette (with or without burning!) and a few chopsticks!

When properly performed CBT can be an all consuming experience for the victim. A boy can be made to experience levels of pain and pleasure that swirl together and erase all ability to know any difference between the two. It's a sweet, sweet ride. Come and learn how it's done.

xoxo, Cybill Troy 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Muddy Combat Boot Love.

Just shot a messy, muddy, combat-boot filled trampling clip with the Puppy. Poor thing was so filthy by the time we finished! I thought this phone-pic was too cute not to share.
Clip up now! Enjoy!
Mud-Covered Puppy cleaning my boots.

Goin back to Cali, Cali!

Line up all the pervs, pets, and painsluts because I am returning to LA!!! You will be able to experience me at DOI LA from August 19th through August 28th. I know that you little subs & sluts are going to just knock yourself out to keep me entertained. If you are unsure what to expect you should visit my Clips for Sale store, ( and check out my brand of joyful cruelty and slick sadism. I love what I you. This time be smart and book early I can't tell you the number of people who tried to book with me at the end of my stay last time and it was so sad to leave them all lonely and frustrated! to book!

Miss Cybill Troy xoxo